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What do the new ABAC regulations mean for marketers in the drinks industry?

If, like us, you’re responsible for marketing alcohol, then you’ll be well-aware of the ABAC (Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code) regulations. It’s the code that governs responsible marketing of beverage products. Until now, if you were marketing no- [...]

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How hospitality venues need to market out of COVID-19

It has been a particularly challenging time for the hospitality and tourism sector, and sadly the battle for many is far from over. Many well established restaurants, bars, wineries, cellar doors and venues have been forced to close throughout COVID- [...]

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Cyber safety – keeping our kids safe online

There’s no doubt the World Wide Web is a fantastic playground and education resource for our children. But this wonderland comes with issues that prove tricky to tackle even for the most tech-savvy parents. Unlike our generation, our children (and th [...]

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Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing How alarming is this fact? IBM research found that 17% of all emails never see the inside of a recipient’s inbox. From defunct emails and SPAM traps to uninteresting subject lines, there’s a multitude of re [...]

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Content Marketing 101

Everyone’s talking about a particular buzzword in the marketing industry: Content. This buzzword embodies a powerful tool that’s pushing standard advertising to the back of the queue. It’s nudging traditional marketing methods off the platform, and, [...]

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Facebook brand pages get a makeover

The world of facebook continues to evolve and this time there’s imminent changes announced for brand pages.  These changes are designed to mirror the new personal time layout with a less cluttered look. I’ve yet to see this transition across any of t [...]

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The Power of a Call-to-Action

Want to know how to dramatically increase your social media reach? It is as simple as including a call-to-action (CTA) in your posts. It turns out, if you ask people to Retweet, Like or Share then chances are they will. Social media analyst Dan Zarre [...]

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Taking your social media plans to the next level…

Over the last few years, “social media” has become a buzzword. It’s a concept that not many businesses truly understand or embrace to its full potential. Wineries often feel obliged to set up a presence of core social media platforms like Facebook or [...]

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How to create good content

By Sophie Knox So everyone’s talking about creating good content. If you have an online presence – let’s face it, who doesn’t? – you need content. Simple as that. The best designed website with the trickiest features means nothing if it doesn’t have [...]

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Mastermind Consulting turns five!

My humble little business has reached a significant milestone this month – Mastermind Consulting is now five years old. Yes, it’s been that long, and there’s reason to celebrate as the journey has been exhilarating, to say the least. From as early as [...]

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