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Extra pizzazz for our Aussie Shiraz: Introducing Shiraz Day – 23 July 2020

Varietal wine days are nothing new, marketing calendars are adorned with plenty of “gimmicky” days and themes, which provide marketers and social media managers with something to post about on a regular basis. When there is a news drought or no new p [...]

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Cellar door reopening? Three reasons why you should be tracking your cellar door data

As Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions start to ease and winery cellar doors plan their reopening strategies, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on the role cellar door plays in a winery’s sales and marketing mix. Wineries were forced to close earli [...]

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Australian Bushfires – How you can help

Australian Bushfires - Supporting Producers who are “More Than a Good Drop”. The recent Australian bushfires have been devastating to watch unfold. Those directly impacted are very much top of mind and our thoughts are with those who have lost lives, [...]

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Key Marketing Insights from 2019 WineDepot Industry Impact Conference

The Australian wine industry gathered in Orange in September 2019 for the Wine Depot Industry Impact Conference, facilitated by WISA. With the theme of “Dare to be Seen” it was a great opportunity to revisit best practices and focus on consumer exper [...]

Masterminding Diversity and Equality: Australian Women in Wine Awards

Our own Trish Barry has been acknowledged for championing diversity and equality and named a finalist in the 2019 Australian Women in Wine Awards. The Australian Women in Wine Awards are the world’s first and only awards platform for women in wine. N [...]

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What are the big trends in wine consumer behaviour?

There is a changing profile of wine drinkers in Australia.  Australians are drinking wine less frequently and are opting for other beverages including more non-alcoholic options, gin, cocktails and craft beer. As the population gets older there’s als [...]

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Making your cellar door appeal to a broader audience…

 Once upon a time I would have been part of the collective who cringed at the idea of mixing children with cellar doors. Surely it’s only the cashed-up couples or retirees that you want through your cellar door to taste in tranquility? If that’s what [...]

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Best Cellar Door in Australia? You betcha!

Outclassing more than 1700* cellar doors in Australia, Logan Wines in Mudgee recently won the title of Gourmet Traveller’s Best Cellar Door Experience, which is no mean feat considering the amazing cellar doors stationed all over our fabulous wine-pr [...]

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Time to celebrate women in wine

Female-focused wine events polarise everyone, both in and outside of the wine industry. The conversation on social media channels over recent weeks has demonstrated just how divided people are about events like the Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society Women [...]

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Redefining Leadership in Australian Wine

This article appeared in the March 2013 Edition of Australia's WBM Wine Business Magazine. “ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Q. Adams  One often hears the term ‘leadership’ an [...]

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