We love to teach you and share our knowledge

Our expertise is creating customised marketing strategies for our clients. But we also believe in sharing the love through marketing training. We like to make experts out of our clients so that they too can improve their marketing and be more efficient, particularly with their social media, content marketing and digital planning.

Mastermind frequently runs comprehensive corporate training workshops, one-on-one social media coaching sessions and conference speaking around consumer trends, digital, content marketing and social media. We’ve also delivered school-based cyber safety courses, content planning workshops and general media instruction.

Knowledge is power, particularly in a marketing landscape that changes daily and means you need to be up to speed with new tools, mediums and technologies on a regular basis. By empowering your team with the latest consumer insights and knowing best practice ways of utilising various digital and social media platforms, you can add more structure around how to manage communities and execute plans can deliver immediate results. We get great pleasure out of assisting your team seeing the light and then being able to execute their plans more efficiently.

Our training is very much customized to your needs and we’ll tailor our sessions to meet your business goals and priorities. Have a chat to us and let’s discuss how we can help or see what others who have attended our sessions have to say.

Don’t forget to visit our resources page and Mastermind Musings Blog for some useful guides and tools.