In 2008, Trish Barry established Mastermind Consulting as a marketing strategy consultancy with a difference. After spending 15 years working for high-profile companies, such as BT Funds Management, Macquarie Bank, Anderson Consulting and Foster’s Australia, Trish’s profound desire to help businesses reach their full potential resulted in the birth of Mastermind.

It began with strong ties to the wine industry. Trish set out by holding the hands of wineries while they stepped into the light of the brave new world of social media marketing and digital communication, while ensuring plans were integrated with broader strategic initiatives. And she got results.

After five years of working with a network of like-minded partners and best-in-field experts, Trish has established a team of professionals who help Mastermind’s clients achieve lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers. We love what we do and take great pride in treating our client’s brands as if they were our own.

Mastermind is no longer a marketing company just focused on wineries. Mastermind Consulting is a formidable force, creating targeted campaigns for wineries, restaurants and food related businesses, tourism operators, luxury brands and professional services.