Digital and email marketing is the communication medium of the future. It’s one of the integral backbones of your infrastructure to support your communication. Think of it as the modern-day telephone to connect with your customers. We make sure your brand is fully equipped to work in this exciting communication model.

Here’s a stat to bring up at your next dinner party: by 2016, the Internet will influence 50% of all retail transactions. Running the numbers, that adds up to about $2 trillion! This isn’t just people buying products online. It’s people checking prices on their smartphones, reading reviews online, pinging their friends on social media – it represents all the actions customers take before deciding to buy something. (McKinsey&Company, 2014)

That’s why digital should be a core focus for all businesses. This is your online home and sadly is still a part of the marketing strategy that many brands don’t fully leverage. We can make it happen on any scale.

Need a new website? With integrated eCommerce functionality? Mobile enabled? Increase your web traffic through Search Engine Optimisation? Or just want to optimise results from your email campaigns to have better conversions?

Our Mastermind team have worked in the online environment for many years and know how to deliver business results and optimize performance. And if that’s all Dutch to you, let us help you crack the code.

Did you know email marketing drives one of the highest return on investment of any marketing channel? Our inboxes are overflowing, so it’s only those emails that are customised, relevant and delivered in an effective manner that are cutting through the clutter.


We’d love to help improve your ROI on email marketing and generate more traffic and sales. Our Mastermind team can help with the following:

  • Design responsive branded email templates
  • Help write and manage your monthly email communications
  • Advise on recommended email systems and set up your brand for success
  • Audit your current email practices and recommend improvements
  • Advise how to integrate and report on the impact of email as part of your overall online sales
  • Recommend how trigger emails can be built through the sales funnel for more effective results

Give us a call to see how we can help.