The Mastermind team loves sharing its knowledge and experience one-on-one, but we also love connecting with and speaking to an audience (we’re misunderstood performers at heart!). Bringing a team together and presenting the facts in one fell swoop is a highly effective way to get everyone on board.

If your business is in the market for the facts and figures without the fluff and the jargon, Mastermind can present it all for you. The content of a Mastermind presentation is not all pretty pictures and cryptic memes. It includes perceptive and relevant insights with actionable takeaways to help move your business forward.

Trish has a solid track record delivering keynote presentations to audiences big and small. She has lectured at university (and still does) and has presented at a broad range of conventions, company conferences and industry events, such as Wine Industry Outlook Conference.

Most recent presentations feature social media know-how, content creation and digital advice to increase a brand’s influence with consumers. We tailor the content specifically to our audience in order to paint a picture of all possibilities, making sure that messages resonate and that we demystify some of the confusion that often exists about platforms and technology.

Examples of topics Mastermind cover in presentations include:

  • the role of digital and social media in a modern-day marketing mix
  • how to use social media and digital technologies to build a better connection with your brand
  • cyber safety – understanding how to protect your children’s experience with social media

What you can expect from a Mastermind presentation

  • tailored presentation to your business’s specific needs
  • experienced speaker who can break down the mystique around the digital environment and present it in a way that’s actionable and relevant
  • up-to-date facts, stats and information
  • recommendations of tools and platforms to use to make your marketing more efficient.

Give us a call on (02) 95607406 or contact us to discuss how we can help speak at your next conference or customize a training session for your team.