Sure, we’re an outgoing bunch, but we also operate on social media platforms like stealth fighters. In fact, Mastermind proudly wears a feather in its cap for having first introduced some of Australia’s most traditional wine brands to social media marketing. And they hit it off. Big time.

We know how to bridge the gap between old school and new school. We believe every business has the capacity to begin a conversation in the social village. This means changing your thinking and considering the return on investment of social media in broader terms, not just dollar signs. It’s like learning to use a computer decades ago – avoid fear about the platforms and learn about how you can use the mediums to connect and communicate effectively with your customers.

Not sure why social media needs to be part of your broader marketing plan? View this video to gain an insight into the pace of change.

How can we help you?

We can train you to use the platforms, set up social accounts, develop specific campaigns, build communities, and listen to the chatter that goes on about your brand through social listening software. Then, most crucially, give your team guidelines and protocols on respond to your consumers.

Social media is not a one-way conversation, nor is it a quick win channel to sell to your customers. We help you have those conversations and make them relevant within your broader marketing and customer service strategy and can help with templates, training and processes to make this a core part of how you do business.