At Mastermind, content is king. And while “content marketing” has become a buzz word recently, the origins have been around for decades. When executed well, good content marketing can make an impact on how effectively a brand communicates its messages with its consumers. Good content drives engagement when it’s of value to the consumer.

More and more companies are using content to market their products and services, particularly using social media. It’s the way of the future. Why? Customers are demanding more than customer service. They expect to make a connection with your brand, and “content” provides the added value they’re now used to receiving in many modern-day transactions.

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.”
– David Ogilvy, Father of Advertising

How do we do “content marketing” at Mastermind?

We methodically think through your broader objectives. We profile your customers and make sure you’re targeting consumers with relevant messages and in mediums that matter most. We create the content, then we shout if from the right rooftops (otherwise known as amplification) to ensure your target audience consumes it. There’s no right way of doing this – it’s about finding the approach that resonates best with your organisation, your brand and your customers.

The Internet is flooded with lots of dull content – more and more is being created just for the sake of it. So at Mastermind we take a step back, and work with our clients to develop content that resonates with the consumer group. We make sure the right people are consuming it. From copywriting, photography, video, to blog articles, graphic design and online creative – we can do it all. And do it well.