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Are you really listening to what customers are saying about your winery?

There’s plenty of ways to listen to feedback about your brand on social media. However in many instances, the way that brands approach this is manual and time consuming. Mentions and conversations across platforms are often responded to by manually l [...]

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Managing your brands instagram presence just got easier with Schedu.gram

There’s no doubt instagram is the social media platform to focus on in 2015. The site announced 300 million active users in December 2014, a 50 percent increase from just nine months prior. We know that Australian consumers are active on intagram and [...]

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How to optimise your visual social media performance: Canva

A picture can paint a thousand words. But not all brands can afford access to a graphic designer or professional photographer to create beautiful branded images on social media. Whilst there’s certainly merit in obtaining professional photos for some [...]

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Using Iconosquare to analyse your Instagram performance

Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) is a useful tool to have in your instagram marketing toolbox. It was one of the earliest programs to be web based and allow you to gain some insights into your brand performance. Iconosquare works in conjunction with [...]

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What’s all the buzz about Instagram about?

There’s been lots of hype this week over Facebook’s $1billion acquisition of the 2-year-old photo sharing application Instagram. Whether the price tag is justified, this is one app to look further into. It’s been the #1 downloaded app on the apple is [...]

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