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Why Pinning is all the craze: Understanding Pinterest

By Helen Kruger (@Lanikruger) There is little doubt that Pinterest http://pinterest.com/ is THE social media network of 2012. Suddenly it’s in every social media blog, is creeping into Facebook feeds and has been touted as the new social media addict [...]

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Making the most of the Rose Revolution in bars, restaurants and retail

GET ON BOARD THE ROSE REVOLUTION - CELEBRATING DRY, PURPOSE MADE ROSE WINES There’s a real movement happening to educate consumers about dry, purpose made Rose: The Rose Revolution! A great wine style, appropriate all year round but for those of us i [...]

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Time for a Pinot Noir Party… it’s Pinot Smackdown: 18 August 2011

It’s not just a celebration of Pinot Noir, this is nation against nation to see who is making the world’s best Pinot Noir.  Now in it’s second year the Pinot Smackdown is a concept brought about by Ed Thralls from Wine Tonite in the USA and has evolv [...]

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Another perspective on those gimmicky wine marketing campaigns

Last Tuesday (22 Feb) Huon Hooke published an article called “Wine Snobs can put a cork in it.” In the article he criticised initiatives like the Rosé Revolution noting “Fancy campaigns aren't needed to prove our drops are among the best” and “There [...]

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Celebrating Wine Memories – Open that Bottle Night: 26 February 2010

It may seem that there’s an abundance of wine related social media initiatives emerging and something to get involved in on a weekly basis. Having started the first few Australian Tweet ups with #WCATT in August 2010 this really excites me as people [...]

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