What are the big trends in wine consumer behaviour?

There is a changing profile of wine drinkers in Australia.  Australians are drinking wine less frequently and are opting for other beverages including more non-alcoholic options, gin, cocktails and craft beer. As the population gets older there’s als [...]

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Top 5 tips to build your wine club

Wine clubs represent the golden ticket to stable long-term revenue for wineries. More and more, wineries are focusing on this direct-to-consumer revenue stream because it represents an opportunity to build an intimate relationship with your most valu [...]

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Exploring the US’s Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Regions

Anyone working in the wine industry would jump at the opportunity to visit the US’s Napa Valley. It’s proclaimed as a key wine tourism destination and being so close to Silicon Valley it was always on my ‘wish list’. Surely this was a region abreast [...]

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Open that Bottle Night: The perfect excuse to open memorable wines!

Waiting for a rainy day to open those wines you’ve been saving?  That day is the last Saturday in February each year. Great wine is made to be shared, wouldn’t you agree? And it’s not always about cracking open the oldest bottle in your cellar (altho [...]

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Thinking beyond discounts to sell more wine

Let’s face it; we all love a good deal. And in an environment where there’s a surplus of wine consumers have more choice than ever before. Good value wines have never been so accessible and with almost 3,000 different brands (and that’s just domestic [...]

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THREE DAYS OF ROSÉ: The Rosé Revolution Continues in 2013

What better way to kick off the start of summer than with a three-day festival of rosé?  Now in its fourth year, the groundswell of support for the Rosé Revolution from rosé lovers over the last three years is testament to the popularity of this dry, [...]

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Marketing responsibly on Facebook: Some tips for Alcohol brands

Alcohol is certainly in the spotlight at the moment and being held responsible for many social issues. An article in SMH was published today astounded me that there was such a widespread generalization by Australian Medical Association about alcohol [...]

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The “Anything But Chardonnay” Days are long gone… time to rediscover this fabulous varietal.

It’s not long to go until the Third Annual Chardonnay day on 24 May, 2012. It’s the perfect excuse to be exploring the range of great Chardonnay styles being made across the world, and particularly across Australia and New Zealand. According to Winem [...]

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Just who is your Twitter Audience?

There’s been lots of recent discussion about the relevance of Twitter for the wine industry, with claims that it’s not a consumer oriented platform and more relevant for the wine industry to talk to each other. In many instances this may be the case. [...]

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New to virtual wine tastings? Here’s how to participate

A number of virtual wine tastings will occur online over the next few weeks and there’s lots of opportunities to discover new and exciting wines: #pinotsmackdown (18th Aug), De Bortoli Bella Riva Ustream Tasting / (25 Aug),  #cabernetday (1 Sept), Be [...]

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