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Facebook Changes – What the New Australian Media News means for your Marketing

This morning we woke to a raft of changes on the facebook news feed. The news content that we consume so frequently via social media sites literally disappeared from our eyes. It’s become habitual to use the social media platforms for news related co [...]

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HIT THE SHOPS – Facebook introduces Shops across its family of social apps

If there was ever a good time to help small businesses sell online, it’s now, and that’s why we’re a bit excited about Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement earlier this month, Facebook Shops (not the most imaginative of names, but who cares if it works!) B [...]

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Facebook changes in light of Cambridge Analytica Scandal

It’s been hard not to escape the press around the facebook privacy breaches, many which were highlighted in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to appear in-front of USA Congress last week to answer [...]

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Facebook brand pages get a makeover

The world of facebook continues to evolve and this time there’s imminent changes announced for brand pages.  These changes are designed to mirror the new personal time layout with a less cluttered look. I’ve yet to see this transition across any of t [...]

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Understanding Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm

One of the most common pieces of feedback I receive from facebook training sessions is that participants had no idea that only a small percentage of their fans are seeing their posts. It’s one of the most valuable pieces of information that they take [...]

By | April 28th, 2013|Social Media, Social Media 101|2 Comments

Marketing responsibly on Facebook: Some tips for Alcohol brands

Alcohol is certainly in the spotlight at the moment and being held responsible for many social issues. An article in SMH was published today astounded me that there was such a widespread generalization by Australian Medical Association about alcohol [...]

By | September 20th, 2012|Social Media 101, Wine Marketing|1 Comment

Decoding facebook’s Promotional Guidelines

We’ve all seen brands on facebook make claims on their pages “first five people to comment will win a free bottle of wine” or “share this photo to win.’ Promotions on facebook are a great way of building engagement with fans and growing the number of [...]

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Facebook introduces Page Administrator Roles

If you’re the Administrator of a facebook page you may have noticed that there’s new levels of permission for posting content on your fan page. Page admins can have 5 different roles, each with different abilities: Manager: All content creator powers [...]

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New Years Social Media Resolutions

2011 starts a new journey for many in the world of social media. It’s a year where people will move on from just talking about why you should participate and get more active and strategic about the way you engage. Let’s face it, we can spend a lot of [...]

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