If you’re the Administrator of a facebook page you may have noticed that there’s new levels of permission for posting content on your fan page. Page admins can have 5 different roles, each with different abilities:

  • Manager: All content creator powers, plus the ability to manage admin roles (currently everyone set to Manager level)
  • Content creator: All moderator powers, plus the abilities to create posts as the page, edit the page, and add applications.
  • Moderator: Can view insights, create ads, send messages as the page, and respond to and delete comments.
  • Advertiser: Can view insights and create ads.
  • Insights analyst: Can view insights.

This change will give you greater flexibility of who controls information on your page, and in many instances allow you to grant access to staff who look after the customer service aspect of Facebook, without them being able to create specific brand content.

To change the administrator permissions, you need to go into Edit Page, then click on Admin Roles on the left hand navigation and change the permissions accordingly.

This functionality has been much needed, and good to see Facebook finally responding. It’s now time to think about how you involve your staff in the page administration, particularly in being able to monitor and respond to posts by people on your page.