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What is Pinterest and why it’s important to consider for your marketing plans

Personally I am addicted to Pinterest and it’s one of my favourite social media platforms to explore. It’s my go to source for my children’s birthday party themes, corporate event ideas, home renovations, craft and generally just seeking out visual c [...]

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Top tips for using Pinterest to grow your brand

Pinterest may be the neglected cousin in the social media family but its new BUY button and the fact that it can drive new and current consumers to your website may change its unloved status. What started out as a simple site for allowing users to bo [...]

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Luxury Brands & Social Media; Unlikely Best Friends

How do we define a luxury brand? By definition it’s exclusive, high in quality and elusive to the ordinary consumer. Yet these words don’t spring to mind when considering the nature of social media platforms. Quite the opposite, in fact. Social platf [...]

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New Years Marketing Resolutions for 2016 – Where to start

Is there a more fitting time for a new start than the beginning of the year? After a refreshing break over the festive season, our energy lifts and clarity of mind kicks in to gear. It’s a great time to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing pla [...]

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Top Social Media Trends and Digital Insights for 2016

The marketing landscape is a moveable feast. As much as we love working in an industry that constantly changes, it’s often hard to keep abreast of the latest digital and social media trends. So to kick off 2016, the Mastermind team has summarised the [...]

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Managing Social Media over the Holidays

Is that the sound of a Champagne cork popping? As we rush to enjoy the festive cheer and embrace the downtime this time of year affords, it’s worth remembering that our customers are still active on social media and possibly interacting with your bra [...]

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Australia’s First Winery InstaMeet

Instagram has grown by more than 30% in the last year, with more than five million active accounts in Australia alone. With this rapid growth comes the invention of new ways to embrace these users. Say hello to the InstaMeet. The first early adaptor [...]

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Facebook Rolls out Lead Ads

These days, the nature of social media demands that paid advertising makes up a key component of amplifying your brand stories and reaching new customers. And the big platforms are making it easier to capture consumer details. And yet, despite the ex [...]

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Brand Storytelling 101

Let me tell you a story. There are three characters in this tale – The Brand, The Product and The Consumer. One balmy summer’s evening, The Brand and The Consumer had a one-night stand. Their dalliance was fun, intriguing and left The Consumer hoping [...]

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5 pro tips and your best source of information on Instagram for Business

Did you catch our recent webinar: “Social success: How to leverage Instagram to grow wine brand awareness” by Trish Barry? If you were, you’ll know the social platform once deemed “hipsters-and fashion bloggers only” is now as widespread and mainstre [...]

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