When Instagram first hit the app store, it was about sharing pretty pictures and, well, “Instant” gratification. The evolution of Instagram into a business platform has been swift, and finally the social juggernaut has introduced ways for business accounts to measure performance and gain an insight into their followers. Even better… it’s free! While many have gained account performance and optimisation insights through platforms such as Iconosquare in the past, the unveiling of Instagram’s new tools for business in June 2016 has now made it easier for brands to gain the same insights within the platform.

By transitioning your account to a business account, you gain further information about followers and your profile, as well as the ability to promote posts. You can also better understand which posts do well and what time and day of the week is best to execute a post. All within the Instagram mobile app.

Of course, Instagram has its reasons. It’s all an attempt to further monetise the Instagram platform and highlight which accounts are branded content. Once you transition, you’ll receive calls to action (like those that appear on Facebook) to promote your posts along with a button to click through to learn more.

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