Project Description

Thank our lucky stars, consumers’ memories of Mateus have faded and cordial-sweet rosé is no longer the only option available for wine lovers to enjoy. Australian winemakers are making rosé wines that stand up to international examples with pride.

So in 2011, Mastermind client De Bortoli Wines decided to spread the word about dry, textural and purpose-made rosé – the kind of wine they drink on a sunny afternoon in the South of France. So together we embarked on a three-year collaborative campaign that helped tell the story about the role of dry rosé wines and how they team so superbly with food. As a result, the campaign helped reposition the category into the premium echelon.

The initial year of the campaign saw 49 different wineries involved with more than 40 events held nationally to promote and sample this style of wine. The involvement grew to 65 wines in 2013. We saw more than 1143 different contributors to the discussion on Twitter since kick off in late November 2011 – 6000 tweets generated more than nine million impressions, which reached almost 500,000 people and the kick off date saw Rose Revolution trend on Twitter across Australia.

We’re super proud of this campaign and its innovative sensibility. The sheer scope of the project, to bring together more than 50 different wineries to tell a story and introduce new consumers to the category, was mind-boggling. We saw rosé wines sales grow over MAT growth (June 2012). Rose in the $15-20 category (+15.7%) and $20-30 (+14.6%)!

Most satisfying is continuing to sitting at a restaurant or in a wine bar and watching consumers order the calibre of rosé we worked so hard to promote – Vive la Rosé Revolution!

“Trish Barry helped us navigate the social media scene back in 2009, particularly when we decided to run the Rosé Revolution campaign – an awareness campaign for dry, pale rosé. We committed to this promotion for three years. Trish was a very important cog in the wheel to make it all happen, and made it work well for all concerned – wineries, retailers, restaurateurs and consumers. We were delighted with the results and why wouldn’t we? Our sales of rosé continue to go through the roof, selling out each year.”
Leanne De Bortoli, De Bortoli Wines