Project Description

It is clear that Best’s brigade of followers is a loyal and engaged bunch. In light of this commitment and recognising that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from those they know over all other forms of advertising*, Mastermind was compelled to create an innovative idea to engage Best’s fans and introduce a new audience to the wines.

Along came Best’s Tasting Panel. How does it work? Consumers are invited to submit their explanations as to why they want to try new-release Best’s wines. Thirty successful applicants are chosen each quarter and sent wines to sample and review on the Best’s website:

Best’s was so overwhelmed with the number of applications and the experience levels of those keen to be involved that it decided to double the number of people on the panel. It’s an ongoing initiative that continues to introduce new consumers to the brand and allow its most loyal following the chance to provide direct feedback.

* Nielsen online consumer trust survey

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