Picture this: you pay hundreds of dollars for a fabulous new handbag and wear it once. It stays locked up in your cupboard, gathering dust with no-one enjoying its beauty. Not ideal, right? Same principle applies to your content. You invest thousands of dollars producing a remarkable brand video, post it once on social assuming all your fans have seen it, then scramble to produce something new.

The lesson?

Don’t restrict the distribution of your content.

Don’t be afraid to repost.

Don’t shy away from multi-purposing your content.

With a little consideration of the target audience, you can get so much more engagement out of your post.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your valuable content:

  • Multi-purpose the content

Think about how you can use the content across multiple touch points. For example, if you have a great video, have you embedded it on your website? Is it something you could use in your venue to tell a story? Have you included it in your eNewsletter communications or on a landing page to help convey the story? We often see brands produce a brilliant piece of communication and not share it across the platforms at their disposal.

  • Post it more than once

Yes! Repost! With organic reach declining on social media, there’s a very real chance many of your fans won’t see the content when you post it. One idea to combat this is to repost the content again using a different image, in a different format in order to drive extra traffic.

Similarly, old blog posts and content that performs well is something you can include more than once in your emails – just think through how you phrase the references and perhaps re-order the article in your stream of content.

  • Allocate paid social media funds to amplify your audience

Targeting your content to the right audiences through paid social media advertising can help ensure you increase the chance your content will be seen by a broader group of people. It’s astounding how much money is often invested into producing great content, only to neglect its amplification with no budget to ensure the content is seen by a broader audience.

If you segment your advertising effectively and look to test your audiences, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to make a big impact.

  • Test out tools like Edgar

New ways of optimising content are constantly rolling out, especially on social media. Tools like Edgar represent a great strategy to continue to share older content that may not have been seen before

  • Repurpose older content

Take time to go back through your brand archives, old advertising, company brochures and photos. You’ll be surprised at what you come across that could be repurposed and shared with a whole new audience.