In this climate, there always seems to be a new kid on the social media block. Something shiny and new; bigger and better. The pace of change often leads us down a path chasing new platforms and mediums at the expense of established channels on which we can have a measurable impact.

Our advice? Think about your online media channel in three buckets. It’s a combination of these elements that will allow you to reach your existing customers, to create advocates for your brand and talk to strangers:

  • Owned Media – the content you can control
  • Earned Media – encouraging the creation of word-of-mouth referrals
  • Paid Media – paying to reach those who may not be aware of your brand


Still having trouble getting your head around it? Try to think of your owned content as though it’s your house – you set the vibe, you control the look, who comes in, how you speak to people and it’s often the place where you nurture those you love the most. Think of your owned media in the same way. Given spring has just arrived, it’s time to spring clean your ‘owned media’ house with a clear head and renewed focus.

Where to start? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to update my website to tell a better story? Does the language inspire and engage my audience?
  • Is my publicly available content up to date?
  • Could I be reaching more people by organically fixing my SEO – spending more time creating quality content?
  • How can I nurture my valued customers? Is there a way I can say thank you?
  • Is my visual style up to date and relevant?
  • And what does my visual identity say about my brand? Do the photographs tell the right story?
  • Am I doing all I can to capture details of people who visit my site?
  • Can I do a better job of email marketing?
  • Should I be introducing video into my marketing story?
  • Am I responding and listening to people who contact me via my social media channels?

By being on top of the elements you can control, your brand has a clear identity when strangers visit, and they’re likely to return if they know what to expect every time they drop in.