Picture this. You walk into a bookshop and spy a range of novels filling the shelves. All the genres are there. Crime, romance, biography – every taste is catered for. But at the front of the store sit the best-sellers. These are the books that are spied by customers before any others. These are the books that are taken to the register more than any others. The books that are categorised as best-sellers stand apart from the rest because of the way they’ve engaged their reader. These books have a loyal tribe of followers who love the stories because they provide a consistent experience. Building your own branded content strategy is not that different – the key is to set yourself apart. Be authentic. Find your “wow” factor. And don’t stray too far away from that singular story.

At Mastermind, we work with brands that operate in very similar channels. Wineries, restaurants, luxury resorts… The success lies in encouraging the consumer to engage and fall in love with the product. But before that happens, we help brands establish their authentic voice and convey a story to differentiate theirs from the rest of their field. For some it could be an innovative medium they’ve tapped into to appeal to a particular crowd; others go back to what they know well, or use a personality with whom people can engage.

Want your brand story to reach best-seller heights? Take these tips to get you started.

  • Be authentic. Always. Be true to your own brand, its story, the personalities in your business and your points of difference.
  • Be clear about the messages you want to convey.
  • Build on relationships. Surround your brand with a tribe of advocates who keep coming back.
  • Consistently tell your story from the same voice. Whether this means engaging a professional to help or having a personality who is the face of the brand, what’s essential is that you speak in a language that’s consistent and that resonates with your tribe.
  • Think visually. Video, font and colour choices as well as imagery have a huge impact on decisions people make about your brand.
  • Tilt the content. A small shift in how you present your content can leave a memorable mark.

Mastermind would love to help you lock in your story and lift your brand to best-seller status. Give us a bell – 02 9818 7142 or contact us