Gabriella Mytkowski, Marketing Assistant

Gabby Mytkowski

Gabby is in her third and final year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Public Relations and Social Media at Macquarie University.

Gabby discovered a strong interest in marketing after noticing the positive result-driven impact the industry can have on businesses. Before coming to Mastermind, Gabby completed a seven-month internship focusing on social media and is eager to build on her experience and develop her skills.

With over three years’ experience working in bars around Sydney and in Canada, Gabby has developed amazing interpersonal skills and is a well-rounded individual. Gabby brings an optimistic energy to the office and is happy to learn something new every day.

It’s always a day for it when it comes to a Riesling! My personal favourite is Jim Barry. My wine knowledge has been steadily increasing since I started at Mastermind, and I’m excited to experience new flavours as my palate matures!

I absolutely love down time, doing a face mask and watching Schitt’s Creek for the seventh time.