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Go on, Make the Link… Getting the most of LinkedIn

(As published in July 2012 Edition of WBM Magazine) There’s often discussion about the role of LinkedIn as part of your social media presence. Is it just an online Rolodex  and a haven for recruitment professionals? Should you be spending the time to [...]

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Why Pinning is all the craze: Understanding Pinterest

By Helen Kruger (@Lanikruger) There is little doubt that Pinterest is THE social media network of 2012. Suddenly it’s in every social media blog, is creeping into Facebook feeds and has been touted as the new social media addict [...]

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What’s all the buzz about Instagram about?

There’s been lots of hype this week over Facebook’s $1billion acquisition of the 2-year-old photo sharing application Instagram. Whether the price tag is justified, this is one app to look further into. It’s been the #1 downloaded app on the apple is [...]

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The 9 things you MUST do to succeed online

This is a guest blog by Craig Wilson - doing great things with the NLYZR product that's worth checking out to provide solutions for effective search engine results for your website. He's a go to source for online information, so thought would be usef [...]

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Making the most of the Rose Revolution in bars, restaurants and retail

GET ON BOARD THE ROSE REVOLUTION - CELEBRATING DRY, PURPOSE MADE ROSE WINES There’s a real movement happening to educate consumers about dry, purpose made Rose: The Rose Revolution! A great wine style, appropriate all year round but for those of us i [...]

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Looks aren’t everything: Why your website should still be the core of your online strategy

Originally published in WBM Wine Magazine - August 2011 A website should be one of the core assets at the centre of your brand’s communication mix. In fact, it’s imperative. However, gone are the days where a website is purely an online company ‘broc [...]

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New Years Social Media Resolutions

2011 starts a new journey for many in the world of social media. It’s a year where people will move on from just talking about why you should participate and get more active and strategic about the way you engage. Let’s face it, we can spend a lot of [...]

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