Project Description

As a pioneer of Western Australia’s Great Southern region, Plantagenet has been making wines since the 1970s. ,existed a great opportunity to make wines of distinction and difference. Through the brand planning process, Mastermind identified that Plantagenet Wines was crying out for a range to sell to the on-premise market and its wine club base – a “less commercial” range, if you will.

Along came  Juxtapose. Juxtapose tells the story of the juxtaposition (to place close together or side to side) of the Viticulturalist and the Winemaker – two very different creatures who can create something extraordinary, when they work together.

Mastermind Consulting was responsible for the brief for this label and helped bring the concepts to life through sharp copy and design inspiration with the Collective Design Consultants. The range has been incredibly well received, direct sales are strong and the label recently won the inaugural Wine Design Award Drinks International for Best Design for a Wine Range.

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