We love what we do

Shaping perfectly targeted marketing plans for your business is what we’re all about. The Mastermind team has spent its collective years working in traditional marketing, editorial, digital, PR, and creative agencies, and this is where we’ve landed. We’re seasoned professionals with a genuine yearning to do good work. We love our clients’ businesses as if they’re our own, value honest relationships and conduct our business with integrity.

We listen

Too often marketing consultants farm out the same standard approach for every brand that walks through the door. At Mastermind, we listen. We’re really good at that. We want to know the history of your brand and define its DNA. Then, we send your brand along the yellow brick road to success.

We cover all bases

The yellow brick road takes many forms. For some brands, it’s the super highway of social media marketing, where Instagram and Facebook lead the way. For other brands, it’s fishing from a deep pool of content marketing, where words, photos and videos form the perfect circle of added value for your clients. For most brands, it’s a clever combination of all these approaches.

We can teach you

We know how to play this marketing game, but we’re also very happy to share the knowledge. It’s an area that’s constantly evolving. We like to empower you with the tools to make your brand successful. We’re good teachers. And we’re straight talkers – none of this mumbo jumbo marketing speak. We tell it like it is.

We get results

The marketing world is sometimes viewed as a balloon of hot air. With strong business backgrounds, we respect commerciality in the context of your marketing strategy. Let’s face it, business acumen is not always a priority for everyone. But we measure the returns of your campaigns, optimise the cut-through and ensure results are delivered – it’s why we describe our mission statement as “marketing with impact”.