Melissa A, Digital Marketing Specialist

Melissa has worked in digital marketing for nearly 4 years, with a burning passion to drive a variety of results across email, social and digital marketing she has extensively worked with leading travel, lifestyle, food and wine brands.

 Using a range of tools and techniques, Melissa combines her digital knowledge and skillset to help brands reach their business goals through advanced digital marketing strategies. Extremely committed, passionate and always looking for solutions, Melissa continues to stay ahead of the digital trends to ensure any business she works with deepens their digital footprint.

 Melissa believes in mapping out a digital journey that instigates online connections and lasting impressions. Specialising in digital marketing across SEO, SEM, social, email and analytics she uses digital solutions that achieve quantifiable results.

A glass of bubbly is the way to her heart, or a nice chilled Riesling is always pleasing.

A love for the beach, the sand and sea is where Mel likes to be. When she’s not exploring the beaches, Mel is exploring new places with her friends and family. A big passion for immersing herself in new experiences, Mel has visited many places all around the world.