Each client is different – we’re not a believer in using one approach for all clients rather tailoring our plans to meet your business needs. However, typically many of our projects share similarities in our process.

When a new project lands at our door, the first step is often an audit where we appraise all the current elements of the business. It’s during this phase that we highlight the “quick wins”, which can be implemented immediately while broader strategic plans are being developed. Once the short-term opportunities are delivered in the report card and put into place, we work on the bigger picture strategic plan, develop content priorities and ensure there are plans in place to measure and optimize.

Projects are very much dictated by client needs and priorities. Certain clients are keen for Mastermind to devise a strategy that they can execute with their own resources and team. Others are delighted for Mastermind to use our own resources to implement the strategy, engage in further optimisation and continue to report on the progress of the work.